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Engineering plastics news PMMA applications

All producers and plant capacities
ISBN 9789078546351

The introduction includes topics such as MMA synthesis, MMA applications,
MMA polymerisation, PMMA sheet production processes and PMMA applications.
Page 1
1-N.AMERICA(3 tables)Page 9
2-LATIN AMERICA(1 table)Page 11
3-EUROPE(3 tables)Page 12
4-ASIAPage 15
a-.....(1 table)Page 13
b-China(8 tables)Page 13
c-Japan(2 tables)Page 16
d-Korea(1 table)Page 17
e-......(1 table)Page 17
f-......(1 table)Page 18
g-Taiwan(2 tables)Page 18
h-.......(2 tables)Page 19
i-Other(4 tables)Page 19
5-AFRICA(1 table)Page 21
6-OCEANIA(1 table)Page 21

The data shown below are not necessarily recent.
They just give an idea on the layout of the data base.
Producers of cast and extruded PMMA sheet are included whenever possible.

The MMA & PMMA producers in Asia are tabulated by country or region.
Producers of cast and extruded PMMA sheet are included whenever possible.

To order a complete list of all suppliers and many processors (more than 100 sites, MMA, PMMA and sheet) worldwide[Euros 150, paid by bank transfer (SEPA countries only) or with credit card via PayPal (all countries, email to use:], tabulated as shown above, updated at the date of shipment, visit
or send us an email ( call (++32-2-7710649) or
click on the button below, fill in the form and send it.
The payment will be confirmed by return of email, within the day
The data base is sent by email, in Word format (tables in jpg format).
It can also be sent,recorded on cd, upon request.

By PMMA it is meant PMMA granules or resin but not PMMA finished of semifinished products. Producers of PMMA sheet, MMA castings and composites are included as an extra, whenever possible.

The above publication can be sent accompanied by the
MMA/PMMA data tabulated in Excel format. The total price is 200Euros.
An example of the tabulated data is shown below

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Dr.Kyriacos has worked at Upjohn, GE and ICI in international TS, Sales and Marketing.
He holds a B.Sc.(Distinction, Honours, University award in Chemistry) from Alexandria,
a M.Sc.course,(ICI scholarship award) in Polymer Technology and, a Ph.D. from
Loughborough in the UK.
Deny Kyriacos is the founder of DK Business Group and GEM-Chem.

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